Service facility in race preparation

We have the state of art Hunter HawkEye laser alignment system with the world class WinAlign alignment software which is only used by a number of top racing teams and some high performance main dealer’s such as Aston Martin, BMW, Bentley and approved Nissan GTR dealers.

The Hunter laser alignment system can monitor vehicle ride hide, body roll, bump steer, vehicle dynamic, camber, caster and toe on the fly. It can also give us live information of your vehicle, whether it has worn bushes, suspension damper issues, bent chassis or any other problems within seconds so it can save us time and money by informing you of any problem you may have with your car.
Even our wheel balancer is state of the art. Wheels are balanced by our laser guided Smart Weight balancer with superior balance and minimises weight usage.

Having this equipment allows us to set your car up with pin point accuracy to exactly meet your requirements.
Our experience has been working closely with all the Japanese aftermarket manufactures, we have a huge knowledge of Honda and Mitsubishi’s and along with our huge connection with Japan we have access to any aftermarket parts in the shortest notice periods and very competitive rates.

Our professionally trained technicians have experience in all areas of race preparation, and general services of building engines, race car setup, gearbox ratio adjustment and geometry setup for your road car, track car or race car.

For Dyno Tuning we use the new wireless 4 wheel Dyno Dynamic Dynometer to tune your performance car. There is no need for us to take your car to different location for tuning and mapping like some garages. We can map your car in a shorter turnover time while also saving you extra travel expense.
We have an insurance approved bodyshop if you require repairs from an unfortunate accident or any damage which may have occurred to your vehicle and is always to a professional standard.